17 Positive Thinking Habits to Live By Daily

Positive thinking is an almost compulsory thought pattern that can lead to success in anything you do. Thinking positively creates a whole new world of possibilities. You start thinking that everything is achievable, that life is beautiful even amidst it is turbulence, also that, that seemingly difficult task is actually doable.

It opens your mind to see things differently and in a whole new light other than what everyone around sees. It may be dark, but you see light and may be bleak, but you see a bright future. This is the kind of thought pattern that can help you achieve success.


The power of positive thinking is something totally interesting and fulfilling, however, the habit in itself doesn’t come overnight; it takes a process. This process might take some time, depending on how committed you are to ensuring you make it a habit.
Below are 17 positive thinking habits that can help you achieve success in life, faster and easier.

#1. Be Proactive About Creating a Great Day

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that many people are totally passive about how their day goes. They literally throw themselves into life and let it dictate whether they’re having a great day or not. This is not the habit of positive thinkers. If you must experience the power of positive thinking, you have to become proactive about creating your day.

Set out each day with the goal to make it great. Be determined to make it happen and when it happens, savor the moment and give yourself some credit. You will be better off by taking charge of your day and doing something for the greater good.

#2. Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Yes, we all screw up from time to time, but most times we play the victim in a bid to blame it on some stuff or person other than ourselves. We forget that it was our decision that led us to take that action in the first place. Positive thinkers take responsibility for their actions and behaviors. They accept they’ve screwed up then they try to pick up the pieces, learn from it and move on.

This is one habit that is sure to help you experience the power of positive thinking. Life has a way of rewarding those who take responsibility for their actions. It helps them grow into themselves and eventually achieve success, too. I love how Jean-Paul Sartre puts it, “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.”

#3. Befriend Positive People

Emotions are contagious. So much so that, it rubs off so quickly in a subtle way that makes it almost unbelievable. Think of hosting a party with bubbling and happy people around. You notice the environment is alive, enlightened, and filled with positive vibes.

However, as soon as a negative person walks in with a long face, the mood of the closest persons to him/her suddenly changes, and that is how it spreads through the entire environment.

If you want to develop a positive thinking habit, refuse to spend time with negative people. Rather spend time with people who are filled with positive vibes. They help you keep your thoughts streamlined in a positive direction.

#4. Compliment Others as Often as You Can

Develop a genuine interest in people, try to see the good in them, and give them honest compliments. When you make this a habit, you see you begin to focus on the good in other people. You begin to see what they know how to do best and praise them for it, with the sole purpose of encouraging them to do more and be more.

There is no better display of positive thinking than shifting the focus from yourself to others and give them sincere compliments. This will set you apart and help refine your thoughts as well; to only see the good in things – people and circumstances.

#5. Be Thankful

It is easily justifiable to focus on the negative circumstances around us; the loss of jobs, the unemployment rates, the killings, and assassinations – just everything negative! But also, there are a lot of great things that we have and should be grateful for.

Learn to count your blessings and be thankful for them. Look around, see how far you’ve come. How many victories have you won? and how many times have you miraculously escaped death? Think about the many times have you been divinely provided for when it looked all hope was lost? Think about these things and just give thanks. This will help you maintain a positive thinking habit.

#6. Take Good Care of Yourself

I think we underestimate the value of caring for ourselves a lot, these days. We’re easily carried away with stuff; work, bills, and life in general. We forget that taking care of yourself is the foundation for healthy thinking. Imagine how hard it would be to exercise positive thinking when you’re terribly sick from stress. Your head won’t even be in the right place to think straight, talk more of the positive aspect of it.

So as much as working and all that is important, make out time to take proper care of yourself. Take yourself out for a tasty treat. Exercise as often as you can and you’d see how ready your body would be to cooperate with your mind in thinking positively.

#7. Read Inspirational Books and Resources.

Thankfully, there is a book called The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. That can be a good start. Study these kinds of books that will inspire you towards your dreams. Do it as religiously as you can so you don’t create any time for negative thoughts to float in.

Books are powerful. They build you from the inside-out and help you think big and stay the course. Reading literally forms a positive stream of vibes flowing through your veins.

#8. Make Your Environment as Conducive as Possible.

A wise man once said ‘two things make for success; the books you read, the environment you are, and the people you live with’. Positive thinking is very difficult in a shattered environment. Your mind has a way of translating what your eye sees into objects that stay with you and affects your overall reaction to life.

So as much as you can, ensure your environment is conducive enough for you to thrive in. Start by keeping it clean, and then creating enough breathing space so you have that feeling of abundance. This helps your mind to stay positive, even if there are no reasons to.

#9. Think Big But Start Small.

When you think big, there is this adrenaline rush to push yourself beyond your limit and start all out with all you’ve got. However, wisdom demands that you take a step back and actually start small. No one every started big and became big. Don’t forget that.

Every great success was once a little victory here and there, starting from the very little things you despise. So start small and enjoy the little successes while you work towards the bigger picture. This will help you remain in the habit of positive thinking.


#10. Understand that Life is a Process.

This is a very serious issue with our generation; they try to forget that the road to the top doesn’t have a flyover. They want to jump or fly over the basic steps and processes of success. This, in turn, gets them disappointed and eventually left perplexed, filled with all negative thoughts.

Life is a process. If you don’t understand this, there is no way you can maintain a positive thinking habit. You start from point A to Point B, not from point A to Point D, never!

#11. Put the Past Where They Belong – The Past!

The past holds a lot of memories; good or bad. Neither of them is good enough for today. This is what I mean; the good memories can keep you grounded and lost in the moment while today waits to be taken care of. The bad memories, on the other hand, discourage you from taking actions for today.

So to maintain a positive thinking habit, see each day as a clean slate, where you have the chance to create tomorrow. This will help you dispel the baggage of the past very quickly while focusing on the present.

#12. Smile as Often as You Can.

Yes. What other way is there to show that you’re a positive person? Smile! Like I said at an earlier point, emotions are highly contagious and when you smile, you share that happy emotion with those around you. They unconsciously catch the ‘smile fever’ and become happy.

Smiling doesn’t mean you have everything working for you, it just means you have control over the things that are not working. It doesn’t mean you have all the things in this world; it just means you have absolute control over the things you don’t have.

#13. Understand that Life is Not All Rosy.

Whoever told you life was all rosy lied to you – plain white lie! Positive people do not believe that illusion of ‘all rosy lifestyle’. They believe that life is in stages and seasons; that there is a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to plant, and a time to harvest. Understanding the times and the seasons of life helps you better prepare for them when they come.

This is how to lead a positive thinking habit. You know that the bad times would come, but you’re prepared for it so it doesn’t sweep you off your feet. You know exactly what to do to stay positive and vibrant. This is the habit of positive minds.

#14. Be Tough.

I think it was Robert Schuler that said ‘Tough times never last, but tough people do. Now that is the mindset! Being tough in this sense doesn’t translate to being adamant and cold-hearted; it means having the strength of character that is bigger than the tough times. It means being stronger than the tough times. Being able to look tough times in the face and challenge it with your unwavering confidence, knowing that it won’t last.

This is what makes positive thinking reality. Your view of tough times is far different from how everyone sees it. In fact, why they see tough times, you see opportunities. You want to take hold of that opportunity amidst the turbulence to create something that’d save the day. That’s the spirit!

#15. Be Fearless.

Positive people are fearless. By fearless, I mean they are not scared of changes. They carefully make the move knowing that whatever happens, they can handle it. If the fail, well, it’s part of the process. If they succeed, glory! This is their mindset.

What other way is there to exercise a positive thinking habit? Being fearless in the face of seemingly insurmountable circumstances and facing it head-on with victory in mind.

 #16. Know When to Let Go.

This is a critical point. Positive people know when to let go; let go of negative people around them, let go of the unfulfilling job that keeps them grounded to express themselves, let go of that toxic relationship, and every other thing that is not working in their life.

Note that, letting go doesn’t mean quitting. Letting go means you’re matured enough to own your decision on a particular thing, and you’re ready to face the repercussion that comes with it.

 #17. Pray.

When all things are said and done, sometimes it feels nothing is working. You’ve tried all the techniques in the books yet, you still feel like all the negative emotions in the world have found a place in your heart.

Such times, all you can do is pray. Prayer in this sense means mutual communication with your Creator. He created you and knows exactly what to do to put you in your best shapes. This is why you must commune with Him as such time. A praying habit will definitely keep you in a positive thinking habit.

So you see that positive thinking is a habit that you must have to succeed. I’d like to close with this quote from Donald J. Trump: “Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.”

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