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    1. Dave I have read the blog from page one to the end and the work is tremendous.

      The writing is very clear/lucid and the subject matter is great. You do a great job even with the Ads.
      Every single page is inspiring. My initial setback was getting around the name but now you explain it, it works.Maybe what would be great, would be for you to say what soggy meant and what positive characteristics it symbolises. For example it may have symbolised tenacity or determination or something. That way people will want to identify with it. In the natural, soggy usually means wet and soft, If that is related to how you got the nick name then, you can show how such a trait made you amenable to ideas and open to diversity of opinion and how this has helped you in life, .If there are other connotations to the name strive to find the most positive meanings from them and use that.

      But again fantastic work. I need to start blogging myself tell me how to get started as I have too many thoughts to put in books and in manuals i just need someplace to put them on a daily basis.


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