15 Nuggets For Living Successfully

Living successfully is such a vague term. Everyone has his own criteria for a successful life.

Some measure it through financial bargains while others believe spirituality to be the ultimate success. Life is a quick succession of days and nights.

Indeed, life should be measured in days and nights too! While some days seem quick and full of life and its glory, other days are a little slower than others.

When the daily hustle and bustle of life is pushed out, one truly reflects upon life and its strange surprises.

Strangely enough, questions about life itself do not bother normal people. Only when one is shown the worst times of life, does the question about life itself occur.

What is living successfully all about?

Man is bound to face failure one time or another throughout the course of his life.

These disappointments delineate our progress, but most of all, they break one’s spirit.

These are the times that differentiate between successful people and those that are muffled out by their own misfortune.

Analyzing the lives of successful people all over the world, there are some basic ground rules one must follow, to heal himself and find a straight steady path to victory.


1. Keeping In Mind The Harsh Realities of this World: 

Life was never meant to be easy. The first step to healing is accepting that the pain exists.

Indeed, there is pain; but the acknowledgment of this pain does not mean submission to it. One must rise from the ashes, like a phoenix’s glorious rebirth.

One must always land back on his feet, no matter how hard the initial fall was.

This is accepting the reality of the world. Laurie H. Anderson puts it beautifully, “IT happened. There is no avoiding it, no forgetting.

No running away, or flying, or burying, or hiding.”Acceptance of the reality is the first step to change it.

2. Knowing Self Indentify:

The most important step towards potential success is finding one’s true potential in the first place.

Failures bring people into a position where a person has to know what his strong and weak points are and where his interests lie.

If one finds his true self during times of failure like these and has perseverance and faith in his ability, then the seed to success is already sown.

Self-identity is not necessarily the only pointer towards success, but it is indeed one of the deciding factors.

3. Value of Life: 

Every day that passes takes away another day from the sands of time, that enwraps and engages us all.

A successful person knows that he is capable of doing anything he desires and that it is just a thought away from him.

People who believe in living successfully bear in mind the importance of life make the most of it in all ways possible so they can have no regrets when it all comes to an end.

The true value of life and the zest and purpose to live are paradoxically best motivated by the thought of death-end of life.

Every day is an opportunity for something great, and great men treat them all as such.

A better inspection of this philosophy is explored by esteemed writer Andy Crowson (Value of Life) “The value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation.

You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live.”

4. Change YourSelf:

The second step to success after acceptance of failure is the willingness to bring change in you. No matter how good or perfect a person you may seem, there is always room for improvement.

To do that, get rid of all the bad and toxic habits along with the toxic gathering that surrounds you to live a more freedom filled and successful life.


To do that, get rid of all the bad and toxic habits along with the toxic gathering that surrounds you to live a more freedom filled and successful life.

Some of the key aspects about changing oneself have been beautifully enumerated by (Robert Greene in The 48 Laws of Power).

5. Be Ready to Learn Always:

Man is not an automaton. He will always have the capacity to learn and explore new things that will shape his brain. When we learn, we grow.

And this aspect of life should never cease to happen. You should always be ready to learn new things so you can go a step further in achieving new milestones.

6. Personal Growth:

Successful people should always strive for personal growth. As goes a saying, something that has stopped growing has died already.

Accept your small imperfections and keep in mind that nobody is perfect at everything.

Demanding perfection will only result I waste of your time which can be used for more productive purposes. The desire for perfection though is very commendable indeed.

7. Matters of the Heart:

Love is beyond man’s vain nature. It is beyond the restriction to a single person. It actually defines how you feel about yourself.

You can show love and affection towards your family, spouse, children, friends, colleagues, strangers, and animals and plants of all sorts.

You should also show love for your country, religion or culture. By immersing yourself in love, you make everything done in your life meaningful.

8. Effective Communication:

The one key factor that distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful people is effective communication. It crosses all barriers between you and the world.

Know when to speak and when to listen to other’s opinions. Do not always try to convey your message no matter how important.

Giving another person a chance at speaking will increase the chances that you have of them listening to you with much affection.

It helps build a stronger bond between people that are essential for your success; it also helps with your social life.

Before we go any further in this discussion, one must ask a very important question:

9. Whats does Success mean to you?

If like an elite few, success does mean something to you in life, and then behold the treasure trove of suggestions and motives that can help you in living successfully and at self-peace.

In a successful life, you will be looking forward to the following indications to life spent better and at full potential;

1. A life filled with adventure at every wink, and opportunities that entice and delight and startle you at the same time; a Life like the adventures of the Arabian Nights.
2. A life that is filled with fun and meaningful work, that is free from relentless procrastination and panic.
3. A life where one is not left unloved and uncared for. Isn’t happiness the ultimate goal to success?
4. A life that you can live without any regrets.

10. Don’t you think this Life Sounds wonderful and Challenging?

To living a successful life there are no deep secrets but certain unsaid maxims that every successful man follows.
These few key points can surely guide you to the successful life that awaits you:
“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”
-Lou Holtz
• Acceptance of Failure:
. ~Malcolm Forbes

The one true ability of any successful person is the relentless ability to stand up, despite a hundred hard punches in the gut that life throws at you.

When you are afraid of taking risks, you will stop learning new things to make living successfully possible.

Success is NOT meant for pushovers that are willing to step aside or be swept away.

11. Setting meaningful Goals:

The most important part of any task is starting. If you can’t get motivated in the beginning, then you’ll find that motivation often comes after starting.

That’s why your pre–goal routine needs to be incredibly easy to start. After a certain routine is started, and the actual work begins, success is only a matter of time.

12. Always Believe:  

You should always have a support system, something that you believe in and can turn to in your times of need be it nature or God.

Pride should be eliminated from the mind which can ultimately lead to hate, jealousy, selfishness and depression. But most of all, one should believe in his own inept ability to reach his goals and actualize his dreams.

This deep motivation from within is what leads great men to success. Living successfully is a form of art that is built on the canvas of life, with sweat, hard work and immovable determination.

Living successfully

13. Being Compassionate: 


If your life has more to it than being just full of yourself, then you will be living successfully beyond words. You don’t have to show materialistic achievements just to boast about your successful life.

When a person is content with all that he has achieved I terms of motives and goals in his life, he does not feel the need to show off with trivial things that are a mere show of status.

You will attain peace once you start living successfully and for that, you don’t have to live in a huge house across the beach. Life and success are not related to wealth and fame alone. A humble person is better respected throughout the world. In words of Plato,

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”― Plato

The book “Each Kindness” by Jacqueline Woodson explores this theme beautifully.

14. Root out Procrastination:

The biggest dilemma faced by even the most brilliant people is the evil of procrastination. The action of delaying or postponing something: your first tip is to avoid procrastination.

This evil is putting off work, potential opportunities and achievements for later, letting time slip by, till deadlines haunt you.

It is not only a destructive habit on a short term basis, but some people have made their entire lives a long term of procrastination. The need to not work at all, when there is so much to be done.

The letting go of precious time that could be otherwise made use of exploring chained talents or scoring opportunities.

Procrastinators go for short term gratification and sacrifice the true purpose of their lives. Tim Urban delivered a TED talk on the subject. According to him, it’s almost a disease. One should think of life, as one big opportunity.

Every day of every week that goes by, could have scored more achievements. A more vigilant scientist could find the cure of cancer, but the procrastinator would probably let his entire life slip by, then life on his earnings, wondering in his old age about all the stuff he could have done for the world and himself, but didn’t.

According to a famous quote by Christopher Parker,“Procrastination is like a credit card. It’s a lot of fun until you get the bill”.

15. The last one!

Living successfully might be a trivial thing for most amongst us. Many won’t even take out the time to set their goals or achievements that they want to fulfill/reach before the end of their lives. But for people like us, people who are willing to take risks and go on adventures, people like us who strive to learn more, people like us who have their minds set on goals that they want to achieve, people like us who want to start LIVING SUCCESSFULLY, it is not just superior mental or academic capability.

It is the continuous challenging of our personal limits to go beyond them and accomplish things that even surprise our very selves. It is such thought-provoking activities that keep mankind abreast with the changing times. These tasks, which some might think are impossible, are really just an illusion made by the part of our brain and body that craves ease and comfort at all times. (Evil procrastination…humph)…

Let us push all boundaries to accomplish impossible tasks and achieve new milestones. Let us raise a hand to LIVING SUCCESSFULLY!


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