17 Ways To Be Happy With Yourself

ID-100157462Most often, being happy has been one of our uttermost priority in life and due to this fact, we have always thought of having the luxury of life we had dreamt of and also dream big dreams and strive as much as we can to achieve something great because we want to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Although most people associate happiness with their achievements and success in life, studies have actually shown that true happiness is independent of our materialistic achievements like good houses, cars, great jobs, quality educations and lots more.

Being happy has a lot to do with who you are, how you see yourself and also the people that you surround yourself with. This is because that has got a lot of influence on us and also eventually has a way of affecting our attitudes and thinking.

This is why it is always important to always surround yourself with the right kind of people because those who stay around you have a way of inspiring you or draining you this is according to Hans F. Hansen.

In this article, we are going to be looking at seventeen effective ways of being happy with yourself.

1. Know who you are:

When we say know who you are, it simply implies that you should be yourself. This is because the best you can be is you. You can never be Mr A or Mrs A, so don’t even think of being like them or wish you were them you are always unique and the moment you realise this that is when you will start living your own life and fulfilling your dreams and goals.

There are certain things that you do that you think are making you feel so bad and terrible about whom you are, but if you want to learn to be happy with yourself, you must first embrace your personality and accept who you are.

This means embracing your habits, what you do as an individual, the way you talk, walk and look, eat and even sleep also most importantly try to be comfortable in your own skin and in a way subconsciously communicate to others that, This is me take it, or leave it. I love myself the way I am.

This means don’t kill yourself trying to apologise for something which is really part of you, always like your personality, and everything about you  (good or bad); and always remember  that there is always someone who likes the way you are. According to Bruno Mars in one of his songs “You’re Beautiful Just the Way you”. And this tells it all.

2. Try the forgiving spirit:

You can never be right all the time and moreover you are not Mr perfect so stop thinking your attitude will always please everyone always. There are times your actions may hurt someone or even you as a person, in such times and situations, you need to try the forgiving spirit, know how to forgive yourself, learn how to also apologise and try moving on.

Stop pondering on the past because that won’t change a thing, what is done is done and the best way to go about that situation is to forgive yourself the costly mistake, apologise to whomever that is involved and move on but promising to handle such or similar situations better next time. When this is done, you realise that you’re freed up to relax more and have greater peace of mind without beating yourself up over guilt and resentment.

3. Have Fun:

Most times, we take life so serious that we even forget to enjoy the fun part of it. It is so bad that most people don’t even remember the special moments in their life like their birthdays, anniversaries and so on. It is not bad to allow ourselves have some great fun moment even at work, in fact this helps a lot in making you a happy person in Knowing what to do if you’re not happy with your life will always help you accomplish something better. Keep your fun moment separate from work and make it a great relieving recipe after a long boring day at work.

4.Be Optimistic and Motivated:

Set goals and target for yourself and try accomplishing them. If you must learn how to be happier with yourself you must learn how to set goals and stay focused on accomplishing them. This is because when you set goals or target for yourself and you actually achieve them, you feel great and that makes you really happy.

5.Be Financially Stable:

Although money can not get you all the happiness you want, it is in no doubt one thing that also makes us feel complete and stable. When you have enough cash to meet your basic needs and keep you going, you discover that you have less to worry about.

6. Spend time with friends:

Share great time with your friends, this will definitely boost your mood positively, “Even on my busiest days I will always find time to cook dinner, make a phone call, have lunch and do whatever possible with someone I cherish,” says Nitika Chopra, talk show host and founder of com. “The presence of my loved ones around me is non-negotiable to my happiness.”

7. Help others:

This sounds strange but in reality it helps a great deal in staying happy. If you can recall how you felt the last time you selflessly helped someone? They were probably grateful and made you feel that your effort was appreciated. According to Eric Paskel, “There’s no better feeling than giving a gift for a special occasion, but we can choose to extend that service-minded attitude in all aspects of our lives by giving freely of ourselves as much as we can,” certified yoga instructor, founder of Yoga Shelter. “Ways I practice this are by letting someone get in front of me in line at the store, giving up a parking space to another, or letting go of ‘my plans’ to help someone through a tough time. No smile has lasted longer than the one that comes from helping another.” 

8. Let go of worries:

No matter how much you think about that situation, you can never change them. The best thing to do is to let them go, let go of your worries and do thing that will help you forget your past memories. Letting go of worries is a great key to happiness in life.

9. Learn something new:

There is no harm in trying a new thing; they always make you feel different and thing in a new dimension. Finding time to do something you’ve always wanted to know how to do or read up a new subject is an interesting way to feed your curiosity, and take your mind off things that may be less positive at the moment.

10. Watch some great movies and Listen to your favourite songs:

Movies have been proven to be very good memory boosters; watching nice movies with friends will always bring back the good old memories. Sometimes you can also try spending some quality time alone playing great inspirational songs as this will always keep you smiling when you remember those good old days. 

11. Spend time with your photo album:

This is a great recipe if you who want to know how to become happier with yourself. Ever imagine that moment when you look at your old day’s pictures and how you feel about them. The feelings are simply wonderful so spend some times putting up your album together and try watching them sometimes with your friends.

12. Spend time with friends having meaningful conversations:

Not all conversations are meaningful, so always find yourself with friends who discuss real issues that will motivate and boost your imagination. Studies has shown that spending less time participating in small talk, and more time in deep, meaningful conversations can increase happiness.

13. Be Satisfied and Contempt:

Whether you are working and making millions or just working as a clerk in an office, always be contempt with your work because that alone will make you fill fulfilled. And fulfilment brings about happiness.ID-100228087

14. Stay close to family and loved ones:

Having people around who love you is far better than staying alone. Whether you are married with family or single, you definitely have people who love you. Always find out time to spend more time with them and if possible stay closer because it helps in times of sharing problems and burdens.

15. Know that you deserve to be HAPPY:

You are the only person who can treat yourself the way you want. Nobody will give you that, so always know that your body deserves happiness, researchers have found that exercise, healthy diets, and regular sleep are key factors in growing more happy and staying that way.

16. Get you all-time favourite songs and make good playlist:

Good music greatly improves our mood and productivity. When you are feeling so down and depressed, you can simply play those good CDs and listen to your favourite songs this will help keep you calm and cool while you relax your mind.

17. Create daily happiness routine:

Having a focus and plan for the day will help you stay out of things that will spoil your mood, and that can also help you prioritize a beautiful look on daily basis. According to Kelsea Brennan; “Just like some people need to put extra effort into their workouts and meal plans in order not to gain weight, I need to put extra effort into my mental health,” “It means there are certain exercises that I do every day to stay ‘happily fit.

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